A45: Functional Triangular Cabin Just 17 Square Meters

This functional cabin is only 17 square meters in size, the first prototype designed by BIG for Klein and completed in 2019 by winning the Air Small Project Awards in the same year. Located in Upstate New York, the cabin is very comfortable with facilities that include a living room, an open sleeping area with a small stove, a bathroom, and even some attic area. A small cabin that is suitable as a holiday home that you can move easily because of its fairly light weight.

Named A45, this cabin is assembled in a module in the location you want to place and consists of 100% recyclable material including wooden frames, wall modules, subfloor and triangular floor-to-ceiling windows featuring seven pieces of glass that allow light naturally enter the interior. To function optimally, this structure is slightly elevated by four concrete pillars to provide support and allow homeowners to put their small cabin even in the most remote areas without the use of heavy equipment. Being in the interior, it is clear that this cabin adopts natural elements into every part of the space that gives the owner real interaction with the surrounding environment.

source: wowowhome


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