Anglers’ Seats: Beautiful Fishing Place And Rest Spots For Public

Good news for those of you who like fishing might be inspired by this public seating in Latvia. Designed by Design Studio H2E based in Latvia has successfully completed the installation of their public furniture Anglers’ Seats, this is a beautiful fishing place and resting spot located on the shores of Lake Aluksne.

This is also the interpretation of a water plant, Bog Arum (Calla palustris) which can be found on the edge of the lake. The striking orange color makes it easy for anyone to find and get ready for an amazing fishing experience.

Under the leaves are broad and wide, people can find shelter from sun and rain, while the holder is provided to support a fishing rod.

In the lower leaves, there is integrated information about lake fish and local legends, as well as a ruler displayed for fishermen. It’s like a complete guide that allows you to fishing.

source: contemporist


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