AYFRAYM: 3 A-Frame Cabin Construction Options

There are always memories in a pleasant cabin. Inspired by A-Frame’s grandfather cabin designed and built in the 1970s in Teton Valley, Idaho, Everywhere, co-founder Brand Winnie always wanted to follow in his footsteps. He spent considerable time researching the different types of cabins that can be built, he decided to use the classic A-Frame cabin which was popular in the 50s and 60s. Simple design with a balanced mix of aesthetics is a big motivation for the company. It aims to preserve ancient relics in a modern way, creating a structure that is affordable but beautiful, but also allows for DIY applications so you can save more budget but still produce an amazing resting place.

Named AYFRAYM, the idea of creating this cabin construction package also came from a young couple who got married and walked to the Everywhere Headquarters in Lehi, Utah. They explained that they had been looking for architects and contractors to design and build the A-Frame cabin for almost two years but to no avail. For this reason, AYFRAYM have several options to determine the most appropriate option and in accordance with what the client wants. You can buy the AYFRAYM package by spending $ 1,950 USD online only for now. These comprehensive construction packages will be your guide to your new AYFRAYM and will keep you connected throughout the process. There are 3 options available in this package. Build with Brands, give plans to builders or contractors, or DIY yourself. The choice is up to you and you are free to determine the best for your dream cabin.

source: poppytalk


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