Best Two IKEA Classic Toys For Kids

Sometimes I miss childhood where there is no sophisticated technology, but we can still rejoice in classic toys that are still remembered today. The simplicity of wooden toys can provide hours of pleasure and IKEA makes it happen for children today. This is an off-line toy gift for winter that will make kids enjoy playing with their own classic toys. IKEA presents two series of the best collection that will make you fall in love and certainly favored by children. So what are you waiting for, let’s take a look at the following collection of classic toys from IKEA.

1. Lillabo

Train Bridge Set

Garage With Tow Truck


” LILLABO toy vehicles combine toy cars with puzzle games. This toy evokes imagination through role playing and can encourage creativity because children make own combination “

Henrik Johansson, designer of toy vehicles, tow trucks and LILLABO wooden train set

2. Mula

Toy Hammering Block

Mula Stacking Ring

Mula Shape Sorter

Crane With A Beam

Toddle Wagon/Walker

Mula Abacus

24 Building Blocks With A Cart

” Besides being beneficial, the good thing about wooden toys is their decorative shapes and can add to the beauty of the house,” said Francis Cayouette, toy designer MULA. ‘This series is not only colorful, but also has many things that your little one can explore. Learn colors and shapes through toy beams, develop motor skills with toy hammers, practice balance using toy carts. “

” Wooden toys are durable. A good material for children – simple and warm when played. Even with a few scratches, wooden toys remain useful, ready for the next generation to explore “

Francis Cayouette, MULA designer wooden toy


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