Booth House A Flooded With Light

In the right hands these late 19th century tenements can be transformed in an amazing way. Located in a crowded area in Toronto, Canada. Archinect has succeeded in making this narrow area a unique and comfortable home in the middle of the city. Plants to be part of one of the interior and extending to the back and climbed to the third floor deck with views of downtown. A minimal presence on the road allows to enlarge the house while meeting strict local restrictions on legacy block changes.

Although this house into a home are skinny, but every part of the interior is flooded with light. Each section is expanded including a kitchen that steps into a new lounge surrounded by a garden with a seat near a small fireplace. Above the head, there was a sloping shelf opening an orange path through the kitchen and lounge, hiding mechanical airways. Uniquely, homeowners have two different views. One homeowner likes the minimalist style that is like a palette of neutral, while the other is a collector who likes color. The combination of the interior with the gray and white palette, at the same time the orange colored bed on the ground floor fulfills the maximumist desire for color and provides a very visible exploration system for displaying items.

photos : steven evans photography


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