Bridge Residence: Brilliant Sloping House That L-shaped

Being challenged on a sloping site, Belzberg Architects have transformed Bridge Residence into an opportunity to stir up lonely exile by making big statements. The house is L-shaped with the higher bordering the eastern foot and features, Hera stacked limestone dry up the front section are mostly facing around on top of the hill. Instead, three levels of floor-to-ceiling glass are protected by deep and siding frames, opening down the site. In this case, the architect is very brilliant in optimizing privacy, sun orientation, and site usage.

Blessed by a stunning natural environment surrounded by mature oak forest, this building accommodates access to the outdoors from every floor to the slope of the landscape. Not only blur the interior boundaries to the exterior, but the view from the inside is very good to accentuate the presence around the green environment, this peak is more clearly seen when viewed from the kitchen area. Referred to as the central control or “bridge” of the house, the kitchen has an abundant volume perpendicular to the hill, providing high visibility upon arrival and to the other wing of the house. The nearly 12′ space, with floor to ceiling on the north and south sides, looks like it is floating when the doors on either side of the garage or the multipurpose room below open. Its appearance emphasizes the relationship between the form that is built and outside the room, while the bed becomes the focal point of the house.


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