Gibbon Street Residence With Beautiful Landscaped

This house is a contemporary refurbishment and extension of the original Queenslander Brisbane blessed beautiful scenery. Designed by Cavill Architects, it has successfully completed Gibbon Street which is shrouded in surroundings. Inspired by architectural style with respect for the past, the additional structure at Gibbon St is imagined as a series of garden walls like relics that were redesigned to accommodate a practical living environment. Gibbon St is strongly associated with its landscape both natural and architectural, even this project was nominated for the Habitus House of the Year.

Gibbon St refers to a variety of unique reference points from various cultural structures such as the heritage of Italian migrants in the surrounding houses and gardens, to the traditional Queensland style and ancient Italian ruins, this combination is capable of producing contemporary tropical houses with deep roots in the past. The walls and landscaping determine the experience for residents to encourage a slow pace and experience a more understated. This concept is distinguished from the regularity and tempo of the environment which is deliberately built in a modern style. You will find a place to stay that is surrounded by nature and offers maximum comfort.

source: thelocalproject

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