Katris: Modern Cat Tree For Your Furry Friend

For those of you pet lovers, especially cats, don’t miss the cat tree by Katris below. They are an individual team based in Silicon Valley, dedicating themselves to specialized cat furniture products that are suitable for any interior while providing our pets with a comfortable playroom. I love the way they choose materials that can be recycled, even who would have thought they were making all these modern cat tree of paper and they believe in its power.

This furniture is designed to be able to blend into any space, even become part of your own furniture. Currently Katris is available for ordering with several choices of furniture for cats such as modular cat tree, mount Katris on your wall, and modern cat scratchers. They are quite fun, even you can also mix and match to be placed according to your needs. Do you need an additional furniture or just a simple cat tree, everything can be done.

Buy It: katris


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