Manshausen Island Resort By Snorre Stinessen Architecture

This is the dream cabin of every traveler who wants an extraordinary experience in the midst of nature. Snoerre Stinessen Architecture has succeeded in building three cabins and saunas on a remote island in the Steigen Islands off the coast of Norway, and precisely in the Arctic circle. This amazing cabin called Manshausen 2.0, the project is also an extension of Manshausen Island Resort, an eco-friendly retreat which was originally established by Borge Ousland, he was a Norwegian polar explorer and the first successful solo crossing of the Arctic.

This cabin offers an unusual experience for a cabin in general. You will really feel at offshore away from the noise of the city, the perfect escape, and the experience of staying among the natural beauty around. A cabin that is perfect for a winter vacation destination, and blessed by an unlimited amount of natural resources.


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