MON lamps: Redesigned Neon Lights For Your Interior

Mon is an innovative lamp that utilizes traditional neon technology that has been redesigned for your interior. Designed by Supergut Studio, it is possible to add neon which has only been used for adverts. If usually you will only find neon tubes on a signboard and in outdoor advertisements, then you will see how this lighting can turn into one of the extraordinary indoor lighting. Energy-saving lamps trust uses fluorescent technology and offers endless possibilities in terms of creativity. You can use them to the interior as part of a useful home accessory or lighting solution by providing an entirely new form and use.

This lamp series consists of several neon tubes that are manually bent in collaboration with a special aluminum body, the result being able to create an attractive lighting silhouette. To facilitate your lighting needs, the lamp consists of three forms, namely standing, hanging, or mounted on the wall, you can also control the illumination thanks to the integrated dimmer. The advantage of these lights, of course, you can get customized design lamps and bent into a size suitable for your interior, while the color of the tube will beautify the whole look of the room.

source: yankodesign


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