Most Incredible Weekend Retreat In Malibu Beach

This beautiful beach house in Malibu was first discovered by Carley Knobloch and her small family, overlooking a peaceful gorge and only a two minute drive to the beach. Now, it’s a fun weekend retreat, like the vacation home they always get on every weekend. The days are busy making the family had little time to travel, so this is the perfect place to rest, refreshing, slow down, and into each other. Malibu is only about an hour from this beach house, but it really feels close to home. In addition, this house also has cooler temperatures, cleaner air, and no pressure houses that we often encounter in urban areas. A home that is comfortable for fun, out in nature, full of good food, and really connected to each other on a busy weekend.

Walking into this house looks comfortable coastal style with bright white colors, wood tones, natural materials, wicker and soft places to curl up after days on the beach. Selection of a convenient textiles like textured towels, blankets and linens bring warmth when the days begin to cool on the beach. Lots of beauty to be outside, and lots of nature brought in too. Each room is designed with friendliness that is suitable for those of you who have teenagers and pet dogs to do many things they like, with many places to sleep and lie down.

Although Carley is a technology expert on TV, but she is not excessive to include all the gadgets because she does not want a weekend that is too smart. The choice of good technology will make life easier, and can add to health that may be caused by excessive technology. In other words, the house is very environmentally friendly, and take a more deliberate approach to technology and minimal here. This is an amazing weekend home that will give you a different view of a real beach house. Let’s check!

source: apartmenttherapy


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