Neko: Modern Cat Tree For Wealthy Cat Lovers

Neko is cat furniture that meets all aspects that your cat needs, besides being compatible with architectural modernism can also be a mini museum. But to get it you have to pay 1 million yen, or about $ 8,800, a price that is pretty fantastic for a modern cat tree. Then why can this cat tree be so expensive? Even though that glance only looks normal? Neko was created by a Japanese company called RINN in collaboration with the Tokyo-based product designer Yoh Komiyama. Together they design amazing pet furniture for your cat while also becoming a beautiful decorative decoration for the interior.

Inspired by seeing a cat lying on the floor of the entrance area of the house, using the surface to cool down. The cat tree design as a whole, combines high-quality natural ingredients and an artistic yet practical approach, utilizing the characteristics of each ingredient well as well as expert techniques to achieve a form that facilitates comfortable climbing for cats when going up and down.

This cat tree is made of wood sourced from Hida region of Japan, which is considered very difficult to work on. It has a beautifully crafted cylindrical shape to give a glimpse of the cat through the spaces between each log. It also allows natural sunlight to enter quite a lot into the tower. There are two levels that rotates on its axis to let the cat play more freely, and you can even adjust its height according to your wishes. This tree can also be opened like a door to make it easier for you to care.

The base is made of marble taken directly from Greece to help regulate the body temperature of the cat. Fabrics used in the interior are also unusual, because they are sourced from Denmark, while hemp ropes are used in stands sourced from Japan. If seen it looks like all the material has a very good quality and natural, cat tree modern offering a private room, a comfortable bed, and a play house for your cat, besides you get additional interior decoration that will add to the design and functional value in your home . I think if you are truly a true cat lover or a rich cat lover, 1 million Yen is worthy of you.

source: homecrux


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