Spectacular A-Frame Cabin In Gentle Communion With Nature

Located in one of the most beautiful places on earth, even though the isolated precisely on a hill overlooking the landscape that would make anyone amazed by the natural charm. Glamping cabin-shaped A-Frame is located in Australia spanning style and environmental awareness, while in gentle communion with nature.

Designed by Architects Anthony Hunt and Luke Stanley, they have successfully completed the cabin to maximize the spectacular view from the top of the hill while providing a private place like Zen to refresh and inspire you through the beauty of nature. This A-Frame cabin stands in a small part of thousands of spacious properties with a rich history since the 1830s, consisting of plantations which are second generation sheep and livestock farms.

Its location on the hill is still blessed with incredible 360-degree views of the Murrambidgee river and Kimo valley flats. Completely off-grid, the trendy A-Frame design makes use of efficient and environmentally friendly construction, solar power and off-grid techniques that coexist harmoniously with nature. The cabin structure uses sharp and clean lines that come from local wood, iron and galvanized steel. Sharp silhouette of the cabin stand out among the epic landscape, while still blend with the surrounding environment.

Ingredients are sourced from Australian hardwoods have hand crafted details evoke the character of the area of origin, while the interior of the compact has a simplicity, modern and sleek. The interior includes a living room, dining room and bedroom with a kitchen, with glass at both ends that leads to sharp points on the roofline, giving a wide view up and out into the landscape. Surrounded by stunning scenery, this small cabin is the perfect place to seclude yourself while clearing your mind and resting your body.

source: boutique-homes


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