11 Dog House Painting With Splash Of Arts

Tired of the plain look of a dog house? If you want to add a quirky touch or give a splash of art in there, so why not give it a try? Art can be inspired from anywhere, and dog house painting is a creative way to enhance your dog house design. Of course, you only need creativity here, you can even change the dog house that was once a dull look more colorful. Let’s start with simple things, whether you want to add a natural feel, a floral theme or just add bright colors. Today I’ve put together 11 dog house painting ideas to inspire you out of the box. These dog houses are not just pet places but they are already part of the surrounding landscape. Want to know what it is like? Let’s explore one by one.

1. Painting dog house gives bright color among the white snow. Being outdoors doesn’t make the doghouse feel cold. Hand-made paintings are very creative with the right selection of images and colors

2. Not just painting a dog house, try to add accessories such as trinkets to your painting. Like this dog house painting which is decorated according to the owner’s house

3. The flower theme is everyone’s favorite, and giving flower painting to your dog house will make it look even more lovely

4. Still with the same floral theme, this dog house by painting flowers in almost every part of even the roof is also not left behind. It is suitable to be in the backyard or outdoor garden

5. This dog house does have an ordinary shape even simple. But after adding flower painting, dog house becomes look more beautiful and cheerful

6. Soon Halloween, if you are already decorating the outdoor then don’t forget the dog house there. Add a Halloween theme to the dog house and your outdoor decoration will be even more perfect

7. Add a story or theme to painting doghouse very pleasant indeed. This time machine dog house makes a great way to have fun

8. If you are not a person who is good at painting. You can still make a painting of the dog house with a simple pattern. This dog house has a red base and just adding a little painting of flowers will instantly look different

9. Don’t really like playing with colors? Try to use only one or two colors to paint your dog house

10. This DIY dog house painting looks unique because it tries to add a lot of story to it. The sun, moon and stars may be what you want to convey

11. Lastly, there is a painting of my favorite dog house. Yellow paint the doghouse in the flower paintings give a really beautiful


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