23 DIY Face Pumpkin Ideas That’s Fun This Halloween

Halloween is coming soon, that means it’s also our family’s favorite holiday and these kid-friendly pumpkin decorating ideas will be fun for the whole family. When we talk about Halloween, roughly what comes to your mind? Many people think Halloween is a scary day because of the many creepy decorations such as ghosts, skulls, cobwebs, witches and spooky bats. This is one of our family holidays of the year where we can get together with the family to make pumpkins with various scary and adorable characters.

But believe it or not, in children’s imagery, Halloween is a time for fun as there will be lots of candy, cute costumes, Halloween games to kid friendly Halloween crafts. Everyone has their own favorite character, and that applies when you and your family want to make pumpkin faces into your DIY project. There are many creative ways to celebrate Halloween by making your pumpkin face this year, and today I have collected the best pumpkin face ideas that will inspire you from being a classic, unique, and creepy.

Making pumpkins is not as difficult as you think, even if you are not very good with X-Acto knives, you and the kids can have a lot of fun this Halloween. Decorate your dream pumpkin face with this simple idea, and if you want to create a children’s favorite character then there is a lot you can try with a little creativity. There are no rules to making a silly pumpkin faces, spooky or really cute. Dig some more and find your creative side and light up your Halloween with this handcrafted pumpkin face carving or design. Scroll down and get inspired!


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