30 Creative Ways To Make DIY Popsicle Sticks Into Your Home

Discover the fun of Popsicle Stick Crafts! Dig deeper into your creativity and turn objects and valuables into something extraordinary as home decor.

Anyone agree that popsicle sticks can be turned into unexpected crafts and decorations, and for children and adults. They are cheap, durable, easy to get. If you happen to like collecting it from popsicle or craft sticks instead buy timber in bulk at the store, there are many ways to have fun with them on weekends. Raise your hand if you love DIY crafts and are confused about what else to make today? Enjoy these creative ideas using popsicles and craft sticks to enhance the appearance of your home from hexagonal shelves, flower vases, wall art, valentine decorations, photo frames, glass coasters and much more.

Who would have thought such a small thing could be transformed into an awesome home decoration. First you can leave them as is and only crafts DIY stringing you want. The unique wood color is the hallmark of popsicle sticks which are suitable for various decorations. My favorite is the flower vase, that can mean pots for succulent plants or hanging pots that are no less beautiful. Second, you can color them with paint or stickers, mix a variety of colors or just one color that matches the decoration you want.

Make this season have been more helpful with DIY popsicle stick, this could be a substitute for vacation time out of the house that may be difficult to do at the moment. Craft supplies that are affordable and easy to use, are easily found in Dollar stores to make decorations or crafts that can be done by children, toddlers, to adults. In the following, I have collected 30 creative ways to make DIY popsicle sticks in your home. Scroll down and explore these great ideas!





























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