7 Chic Ways To Use Macrame Into Your Decor

Did you know that macrame was originally used to make camel body cloth? But as its development, macrame began to be in great demand and was introduced as an art of crafts. Having the name of the beauty of knots, these handicraft creations are now widely used as a decoration that is able to display an artistic impression for the interior with its own characteristics. Has a white color with various patterns that uniquely boho chic style to any interior, this craft is also a prime choice for those who love the Scandinavian style.

Nowadays macrame is not only used on camel blankets but many designers and craftsmen make macrame crafts really worthy to fill your home decor. With materials that are quite cheap and easily obtained, you can even make your own macrame crafts. Want to know what it looks like? Let’s follow the beautiful macrame decorations that will change your room to be more interesting!

1. Macrame Lamp Shade

Decorate your chandelier with a macrame lamp shade. This will make lighting a beautiful silhouette in the room. Macrame lamp shade can be used as a chandelier or standing lamp in any room.

2. Macrame Curtains

Macrame as curtains can be used for many functions and can add beauty to your interiors. Add a macrame as a window or door curtain to add the artistic impression you want to display.

3. Macrame Wall Decor

Macrame decoration as wall decoration is probably the most popular. This macrame wall craft is perfect for those of you who like bohemian style and Scandinavian style. Stick it on or hang on the wall of your living room or bedroom to enhance the decor.

4. Macrame Hanging Pot

You can make your own macrame hanging pot with a little creativity. If you like plants and want something different, especially for indoor plants, the pots hanging macrame is the best choice.

5. Macrame Hammock

Who doesn’t know hammocks? This is a comfortable area to relax or take a nap. Macrame hammocks were chosen because they have strong and comfortable material when you are on them. Hammock will also make your room become increasingly attractive.

6. Macrame Chairs

In addition to hammocks, macrame can also be used for other furniture such as chairs or benches. Combine it with ethnic or geometric style decorations and decorate your chair with a macrame.

7. Macrame Other Decor

Other macrame creations can also be changed into various forms of decoration and decoration. Starting from a magazine stand, bed runners, carpeting, cushion and much more. So do not hesitate to be creative with macrame craft that will certainly enhance the style and decoration of your home.





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