Floating Cabins With Relaxing Spa In Nature

After the post-pandemic, we all really need a healthy vacation. This floating cabin also offers a floating spa which is a luxurious getaway for the whole family. I think it’s time now to get back to nature and the cabin was fully immerse you into the surrounding environment are amazing. Offered by Nimmo Bay Resorts that gives you a health and wellness experience in a fun way. Set in the wilderness of British Columbia, Nimmo Bay gives you the best views of Candian with its towering pine trees and beautiful lakes.

One of the best parts of this resort is a floating cedar sauna, a quiet and meditative cabin that can be used as a private fitness room or as a room for group yoga classes. The only access to reach this wooden spa, you have to ride a kayak or canoe through the lake and beautiful natural landscapes. A driftwood platform holds the cabin at one end and an intimate socializing area, picnic table and tub at the other. Here you can make an appointment with a practitioner who uses therapy and relaxation techniques, as well as Shiatsu and Ayurveda head massage with 100% natural products. This resort lets you explore the outdoors and enjoy activities such as diving, horse riding, fishing and hiking.

Nimmo Bay really love nature beyond the location to build a sustainable community. “From the start, the Murray family have worked to create and share their dream of living abroad, while minimizing their footprint on the environment itself. That’s why you will find important innovations such as our hydropower system powered by rivers and waterfalls, providing clean drinking water and up to 80% of our resort’s power needs, and floating piers to replace deforested land, “the team said. There are many exciting and challenging experiences on offer such as deep diving into the Pacific ocean, waterfalls, like cedar, or a trip of your own accord.












source: yankodesign


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