How To Make Bohemian Dream Catcher That’ll Beautify The Room

What do you think about when we talk about dream catchers? Some people consider this circular object with a net in the middle to keep people from nightmares. That’s why usually dream catcher hung in the window of the room or at the head of the bed. However, because of its unique shape, nowadays many people use dream catchers as part of their room decoration. As the name implies, this dream catcher is believed to be able to capture beautiful dreams and keep nightmares away. The belief that originally came from the Native Americans, the Indians affecting bohemian touch in any design dream catcher. Then how to make a bohemian dream catcher for your room? Today I will show you a list of the best dream catchers that will not only preserve your sleep but also beautify any room in your home. Keep up with our search!

The origin of the dream catcher

As we already know dream catchers come from the Indian tribe, to be more precise the Ojibwe tribe. According to the story, this dream catcher was first created by the Ojibwe tribe. In their belief, there is a spider woman named Asibikaashi who is in charge of looking after everyone there. But in fact, the Ojibwe decided to move house and make Asibikaashi difficult to keep them. The solution, they made a circle-shaped object with a web in the middle that resembled a spider’s web. This object is what we now know as the dream catcher.

Capable of catching good dreams

Native Americans believed that there are many dreams that fly at night, it can be both good dreams and bad dreams. Dream catcher was created to filter out those dreams with the hope of good dreams which came as they slept. Meanwhile, nightmares will be trapped and disappear when exposed to sunlight. This is the reason why dream catchers are usually hung on the bedroom window which is believed to be the entrance to dreams at night. However, in its development, the dream catcher has become part of the home decoration. The design is unique and reflects the bohemian style is appeal to any space.

Meaning every part of the dream catcher

If we observe dream catcher consists of several parts and all of them are believed to have their respective meanings. The main forms of circular believed to depict the circle of life, from morning to night. The net in the middle is believed to transmit good dreams to a sleeping person, while nightmares are trapped in it. Studs on top of feather considered a symbol Asibikaashi, the spider woman. Lastly, the hairs under it are believed to guard the ladder that makes good dreams come down slowly and gently on the sleeping person.


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