How To Make Boho Bathroom That Will Look Trendy

We’ve often pointed out boho decorations for any space, but not for bathrooms. Trends may come and go, but I always wanted to apply it at home especially for boho designs. Who doesn’t fall in love with this decor, full of colors, patterns and of course more green thumbs. Boho decor has had a fan base of its own, and it also has a special place in my heart, it’s all about throwing in the design rulebook and trying to apply bold accents. I think there is no limit to boho decor, even if you want them to decorate your bathroom.

You need to know, boho decoration is not as easy as you think. For some reason, mixing up colliding patterns and colors can even look a little intimidating, especially if you don’t have the basics of an interior designer. One wrong choice, a set of molds conflicting, or too many colors collide, it can transform your room from a pleasant bohemian become very messy. Today I want to show you how to make a boho bathroom look trendy and away from being overwhelming. Keep up with our walkthrough, and find some easy tips to create the boho bathroom design of your dreams!

Selection of the right furniture

Bohemian bathroom designs stand in stark contrast to the bold, sleek styles that often feel like minimalism or mid-century style. Not only wood and ceramics, try to choose a variety of textures such as rattan chairs, tapestries, and a unique chandelier. Don’t find it weird if a boho bathroom has a rug as that’s a hallmark of this style. If you’re trying out a boho design for a bathroom, mix different textures and materials in the same color palette.

Natural patterns and textures

Add natural patterns and textures to your boho decor. For example, any such woven cane or rattan. Showcase whatever style you want, whether you want a classic, modern or even tropical look, Boho designs don’t have any fancy design references but this is what makes them an attractive choice.

Warm lighting

Having more lighting is more attractive to a bohemian style. Boho designs often exude a homey feeling, and layered lighting is an easy way to bring a cozy, eclectic feel to a bathroom.

Indoor plants

The bathroom is a great area to grow your green thumb. Choosing a boho interior design is basically giving you permission to keep as many green vegetables as possible or collect ornamental plants. There is a pleasant feeling about the many rampant, unruly plants that give it that natural bohemian touch.

Combine several colors

What are the hallmarks of Boho design? The selection and combination of many colors is the best option although you cannot go overboard. You can’t shy away from color, but take care like keeping your walls soft and neutral.


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