Practical Rhino Hammer That Can Be Friends On The Table

There are always new and fresh innovation in the original range of woodworking tools, such as hammers rhino are practically inspired by the shape of the animal. Designed by Ithinking and now available for purchase, this horn-nosed hammer can simultaneously be a friend on a familiar table. Maybe everyone has experienced when choosing a tool just out of necessity. After use, you will throw it to a place in the toolbox and it will be forgotten. When you want to need a hammer in your work, they suddenly disappear and are hard to find. This cute rhinoceros hammer has a comfortable cradle body that always makes it practical. Functionally, when a perfect device meets a sophisticated design, there will get pleasure with its practical features. When applied to real life, this tool will add strength as a truly useful professional tool.

This rhino hammer has several advantages that are quite fun to support your work and make it as a table decoration. Simply pull and attach a magnetic handle that can be extended to complete a variety of light work, then you can easily replace it to decorate your desk. Here is a gallery rhino hammer which I am sure everyone will love them.

source: yankodesign


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