Dreaming Platform: Nature Adventure In Bob’s Lake, Ontario


The designers at Studio North have managed to build a platform for nature naps and lake jumps in Bob’s Lake, Ontario. Made from recycled materials salvaged from under the deck with 2×4’s from the local hardware store. Between pontoons, cabins and diving boards, this summer playground is a sensitive space to jump into the water or even contemplate under the beautiful stars.

The basic form is the result of available materials and tools. The structure is stripped down to its essentials to support two basic functions, namely sleep and play. A simple wax canvas is opened above the cabin when the weather gets bad, this canvas can also be closed to get closer to nature.


This platform is a quick way to wake up in the morning. Your surroundings can shape the way you think. It doesn’t matter whether you are a child or an adult, space can engage your imagination, expand your mind, and lift your spirits. This dream platform is a collaborative weekend project at a family cottage. The screened-in lodge is the best place for stargazing on a beautiful summer evening and the cantilevered dive platform replaces the need for coffee in the morning. Undoubtedly, the Dreaming Platform proves to be an ideal construction for nature adventures.






cozy-dreaming-platform-for-nature-naps dreaming-platform-for leaps-in-bob-lake

designer: studio north


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