SOL House: Natural Energy For A Better Life By Alex Nerovnya

Russian architect Alex Nerovnya has successfully completed SOL House, a unique residential concept by referring to the three guiding principles. Clean form, original natural ingredients, and energy efficiency. This project was inspired to combine the usual classical forms of architecture with the wild environment. As the typical design features Alex Nerovnya, massive glass walls are used as the screen like a mirror when viewed from a certain angle, it can make the entire building hidden and almost invisible to the observer.

Equipped with a two-storey tempered glass area, it is located inside the building as if it is experiencing the effects of a damaged fourth wall. Wherever you are, you will never lose the connection with the surrounding nature, is shown with a lovely through panoramic glass wall. This house uses a steel structure as the main element in the glass wall that holds it, and is almost invisible to the eye.

The inside of this house is a continuous area, the only separate location is the main bedroom and bathroom. An abundance of natural light that penetrates the glass wall also allows changes in mood and interior feelings that change throughout the day.

Anyone will be excited to try this house for either a short vacation or a weekend retreat. You will be presented with the experience of enjoying the wilderness and comfort of modern rural home with the feeling of being in nature.


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