10 Cheerful Yellow Color For Room Accents


Brightening a room is also important for maintaining your mood, and adding the right colors is the easiest way. Color trends are always changing every year, including yellow though not necessarily a trend, this color will always make the mood to be carefree. Yellow is a color that is quite popular today. The reason is, this color is able to create the impression of luxury, light, and cheerfulness into the room. Psychologically, applying the color yellow even gives positive energy so you will always feel energized and more productive.

Yellow is a fresh color that makes a room come alive. In addition, yellow can also be applied to any room, combining it with different colors, to giving a splash of color to accent the room.

So what’s the best way to bring this color into your room? Trust me, you do not have to cover the entire wall with yellow, or having to do a major renovation because today I will show the 10 best splashes of yellow color that will make your room more cheerful. Let’s check!

1. Tropical themes are always successful in making the room brighter. Use yellow accents on accessories like this surfboard for a beach-like holiday vibe.


2. Bright kitchen makes cooking time more fun. You can add a yellow backsplash on the kitchen wall. Pair with neutral colors for the display contrast.


3. Home offices can also be given a splash of yellow. In order not to look monotonous, you can give a little yellow accent to accessories such as a wall clock that looks trendy for a small home office.


4. Create a warm and cozy feel with bright textiles. This yellow knitted blanket will be your favorite when you want to relax at home.


5. Furniture with bright shades such as a yellow sofa is perfect for those of you who don’t like flashy colors. Besides walls, applying it to furniture is the best solution.


6. Love the classic look? Even a vintage-themed room also looks charming in yellow. In addition to the wall, you can place a standing lamp of the same color.


7. This idea is very unique by trying to play with colors. The combination of white and yellow blends well with the interior doors and walls.


8. yellow bathroom will make this room more refreshing. The combination of wood accents and yellow ceramic walls is the right combination to liven up the atmosphere.


9. Yellow is the best color for summer. This accent can be applied to any corner in the house including your favorite reading nook. Add shades of green with ornamental plants for added comfort.


10. Pillowcases in yellow tones are also a great way to add an accent to this color. Even though it looks simple, it really helps to brighten the atmosphere.



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