10 Creative Ways To Organize Your Wardrobe With Pegboards

Pegboards are simple accessories to organize all things especially in the office. If you like keeping things off the floor, visible, and within easy reach, then pegboards provide you with a practical and easy solution. However, they are much more functional than that and pegboard system can be applied to a variety of structures and other functions of your space.

Pegboards wardrobe may not be very popular. However, if you need more storage or want something new to arrange your closet, pegboards could be the best choice. They’re flexible, don’t take up much space, and the great thing is that it only takes you a few minutes to get started. There are many interesting ways in which you can use pegboards to organize your closet and here are some of our favorite pegboard wardrobe. Hopefully inspired!

1. Pegboard in the closet

Hidden Closet be the choice of many people because it makes the room look neat. If you have a closet design like this, adding pegboards in the closet can give you extra storage space. Take advantage of the pegboards wall area to store accessories such as bags and belts.


2. Open wardrobe with room dividers

Pegboards can be turned into any functional decoration. In addition to being an open wardrobe to hang your clothes and collections, a standing pegboard like this can be used as a room divider.


3. Pegboard in closet doors

If your closet doesn’t allow for adding pegboards, take advantage of the closet door as a storage area with pegboards. This door area will make it easier for you to find the items or accessories you need, even when you open the door.


4. Open wardrobe

Fully open wardrobe ideas using pegboards as storage areas. There are shelves to hang pegboards that are easy to reach whenever you need them. Open wardrobe ideas are great for small rooms.


5. Wardrobe with benches

Bring farmhouse style to your wardrobe with wooden pegboards. Besides being an open wardrobe area, these pegboards are also equipped with benches for sitting and relaxing areas.


6. Under stairs pegboard closet

Empty area under the stairs is often used as a storage area which is quite efficient, no exception to the closet. For the area under the stairs, you can install wall pegboards to organize all your accessories and clothes.


7. Small pegboards for closet

Love a minimalist and stylish look for your closet? It doesn’t have to be big, even small pegbords can be turned into a practical storage area to organize things in your closet.


8. Black closet with bike storage

Not only does it function as a closet area, you can even use the pegboards wall as an area to bike storage To make it look cooler, decorate the pegboards with black wall paint.


9. stylish wardrobe wall

Pegboards wall cabinets can look stylish with the right arrangement and color selection. For example, if you have a large collection of leather or leather, you can paint the pegboards in the same color. Besides looking neat, this pegboards idea also makes the room look aesthetic.


10. Wardrobe entryways

Often times we make the house messy because there is no proper storage area after entering the house. Adding pegboards wardrobe to your entryways can be an easy and practical solution for keeping your things where they need to be.



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