10 Kids Playroom Ideas That Full Of Imagination

A good kids playroom must pay attention to several things about the process of self-development, both sensory and motor. If you have more room at home, there’s nothing wrong with making a special room to play. In addition to making kids feel happy, imaginative play space will help in their infancy.

Playing is not just for fun, the playroom must have several important factors, namely the learning process. For that as parents we must be smart in designing the playroom. Make sure children are always safe by choosing a child-friendly furniture. The playroom must also be as attractive as possible so that children feel at home in playing or learning.

You can build a play room in the bedroom or suggestions are suggested to provide a special room to play. Arrange in such a way, place kids furniture, wallpaper, some favorite toys, study areas, rugs, boxes storage, and much more. That way, children can move freely and realize the imagination of what they want.

1. Brighten up their playroom with fun cartoon wallpapers. A small room will feel more spacious with a bright wall wallpaper.


2. For a minimalist look, use neutral but still attractive wallpaper for kids playroom. Place a floor chair near a window that is comfortable for playing.


3. For little girls, present a cute and adorable playroom by choosing a wallpaper with a feminine style such as the colorful flower theme.


4. The bohemian style is very beautiful applied to any room, including kids playroom. Some bohemian accents such as wooden furniture, floor rugs, and wall accessories will make the playroom feel cozy.


5. Besides creating a fun play area, you can also add a reading corner as a favorite area for reading kids favorite books.


6. Build a house inside a house. This idea is very good for training kids creativity, very suitable for children who are super active.


7. Camping is a fun game, and if it is not possible to go outside then you can bring the feel of camping to kids playroom. Place a tent, mountain wallpaper, and holiday accessories to create a theme.


8. Not only a play area, but also a fun place to learn. Add a chalkboard with storage area as a learning medium.


9. Make the playroom more comfortable with a simple wall mural. In addition to adding aesthetics, this wall mural will also increase kids enthusiasm for learning.


10. Train kids sensory and motor skills by creating a multifunctional playroom. Like the idea of a play room equipped with a playground, study area, and safe sports facilities.



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