20 Fun DIY Dog Items That Should Into Your Home


If you have one or several happy canine companions at home, you are sure to love them like part of the family. Starting from decorating the house that is pet friendly, you already know how much stuff dogs that fill your home so that sometimes makes it all look a mess that interfere with the aesthetics of the interior. A lot of furniture is untidy when we can’t get the dog stuff in its proper place, all that dog stuff can really make you feel messed up. For dog lovers, this sort of thing seems commonplace and should not be a big problem. Forget all that trouble because here I want to help you to incorporate dog items into the decor to match the style of your home. Create a dog room in the home that is fun, space-saving and comfortable for all householders.

Dog house & beds

It’s important to build a special area for dogs, it could mean the dog house or a comfortable dog bed. Then where should you place it? In order for your home to avoid clutter, try to place it in an area that does not interfere with your activities at home. This could be a kitchen cabinet or a kitchen island with a dog bed, part of your home furniture such as under a table, or a bedside table – creating a functional area that can be transformed and hidden away when your dog needs it. For the dog house, you can make a DIY dog house projects that can be integrated with the interior style, whether you want to look modern or Scandinavian style, you can also take advantage of the unused areas such as the corners of the room or under the stairs.








Dog feeding station

Pet food stations should be arranged neatly and being in the right place. It can be in kitchen cabinets and kitchen islands, or sometimes in a laundry room cupboard. Best of all, you can make your own pet food container by removing the bottom drawer or shelf and making a place for the bowl inside. Pet food stations can also be built in a strategic area in your home, it could be in the entrance, living room, to the corner of the room are small though.








Dog wash station

Maintain the cleanliness and health of your pet dog is primary. Apart from providing them with healthy dog food and a comfortable place to live in, you will also need to build a dog washing station. Usually a dog washing station blends in with the room concept, it can be in the laundry room, kitchen or near the main bathroom. A dog bathroom or washing station is usually shaped like a small bathtub or a designated area with a shower. If you’re still confused, some of the dog stations below will inspire you.








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