Annie Street Residence By Refresh*Design


Annie Street Residence is a contemporary workers cottage that has been renovated by Refresh*Design. Located in one of the oldest suburbs in Brisbane, Australia, this residence completed in 2020 consists of a progressive expansion to an existing traditional 1920s woodworking lodge. The underlying conceptual drive is to create two contrasting volumes that are combined through a semi-transparent circulation void while retaining the character of the street and the quality of the existing house.

Conceived as a bold, dark two-story rectilinear volume with a transverse gable. The proposed expansion consists of a new open ground floor kitchen, outdoor dining and living area providing enhanced connections to the backyard and north-facing pool via a large retreat door.


The upper floor consists of a series of spacious bedrooms arranged around a double-height living area below which has high prospects into the existing mature trees. The hills near the cross ventilation and access to natural light while providing privacy and overcome obstacles from adjacent neighbors.

The dialogue between the two contrasting volumes explores a series of separate level spaces that offer users different types of work and spatial experiences. Visually, this eccentric and in many ways a departure from the lodge workers who live classic.














“We were referred to Refresh by a work colleague. I have undertaken a number of projects so I very familiar with development and the role of the architect. What I liked about Erhard from the outset was his willingness to listen to what my wife and I were wanting for our next home. Erhard has a lot of experience and has a track record like many architects however unlike those we have worked with in the past he was keen to understand our ideas and in most cases he embraced them. This should not be understated as its is more often than not the biggest complaint f most architects – they give you what they want and more often than not the outcome is not functional. We wanted a home that was uniquely designed but most importantly it needed to be function for us and our two young boys. We love the home we have created and would highly recommend Erhard and the team at Refresh – so much so we have now completed the design of our second home with them.” Kingsley A.





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