Archetype Smartpod: 3D Printed Prefab Office In The Woods


The Archetype smartpod is a 3D printed personal prefab office by denizen is designed with every detail considered, the goal is to provide anyone with an ideal remote office environment. Built to drive inspiration and productivity, prefabricated cabins feature simple yet comfortable and elegant interior styles, as well as functional high-tech solutions. Pods can be set up in any desired location and are available on subscription to anyone who wants to experience a completely different workspace to get closer to nature.

This office takes the form of a modern cubicle, spacious enough to make for a pleasant work environment, but small enough to fit anywhere with minimal clearance. The prefab cabin can be placed in the desired setting as a remote office. It’s connected, equipped, and sustainable, the ground-up 3D printed design is perfect for the workday. The structure is carefully designed and precisely cut, featuring solid wood tables and benches, hidden ports, outlets, and cable management, integrated storage, footrests and planters made of cross-laminated wood (CLT) and recyclable 3D printed materials fully.


To support comfort, the cabin features large windows with stunning views out, along with ample artificial lighting for a brightly lit work environment. To maintain worker privacy, a variable opacity privacy film is installed on all windows. It doesn’t stop there, the smartpod is also equipped with heating, cooling, air filters, a mini fridge and a back room with an overhead reading light. Workers have access to a single point USB-C connection to all peripherals, a customizable 27” 4k display, 4K webcam, and a whiteboard to help with brainstorming sessions.






source: designboom


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