Modern And Aesthetic Furniture For Cats + Dogs

When we talk about animal furniture, there are many things to think about to consider. We all know a lot of furniture animals out there have not been designed with aesthetics. However, some products are starting to appear to answer the challenge for those who like modern designs who also like their pets. Introducing Genggo Pets, one of them based in the Philippines has turned the tide with a collection of modern and aesthetic animal furniture designed for cats and dogs. All products are handcrafted with locally sourced ingredients which will become your pet’s favorite place. Genggo Pets presents four designs that you can choose from including The Cabin, Cat Cave, Cube, and Calibo. Each of them has options for your cat according to your dog’s needs.

The Cabin

The cabin is made of pine wood and a safe finish for your beloved cat, giving your cat a comfortable home. Also equipped with additional sisal or abaca for the entertainment area when the cat wants to scratch.




Cat Cave

Having a modern design, the cat cave is both a cat house as well as a movable side table. Made of stained solid wood, the structure is equipped with circular holes for easy peering and ventilation, while there is access to a large opening




The Cube

The Cube is a multifunctional piece of furniture as well as a side table for any room. This furniture can be placed in the bedroom, living room, or home office.





Calibo is a little different, it’s a stylish litter box. Even though it looks like ordinary animal furniture, inside there is extra storage space for trash, spoons and toys. Uniquely, calibo door shaped like a cat as your cat out access.




source: design-milk


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