Tiny And Upcycled Shipping Container Cabin By Pin-up Houses


This tiny cabin is entirely from recycled shipping containers that are discarded and converted into building materials with the latest technology for a self-contained housing unit. Designed by pin-up houses in response to the toughest challenges facing our planet today, these cabins are at the same time alternative housing that will have less negative impact on the environment.

Container shipping ‘Gaia’ is a housing project off-the-grid experimental. The best feature of this project is trying to be as friendly as possible with the surrounding environment, utilizing solar and wind energy, which is why this cabin does not depend on external energy sources or water. The cabin is equipped with solar panels and wind turbines, ensure that the battery can be charged any time of the day and all seasons. The battery level can be monitored via the remote mobile app, so there will always be someone to check battery consumption and charge even when they are away.


The cabins are made of marine HC 6 m container, wooden poles and pine plywood create the entire interior in which the inner wall is sprayed with a thermal insulation so that the room feels cozy. The roof of the container is covered with corrugated galvanized sheet metal, which cleverly extends the structure to increase the catchment area of rainwater collected in the tank as a source of water. Gaia is also built to withstand rainwater, which is filtered and distributed to bathrooms and kitchens. For convenience, there are refrigerators, water heaters, and equipment 12 v and 24 v others that can be tailored to the needs. Pin-up houses complement the cabins with smart storage space, beds, sofas, compact benches and desks. For added luxury, there is an outdoor terrace that can be folded easily.










source: designboom


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