10 Beautiful Outdoor Ramadan Decorations

Entering the holy month of Ramadan, which is only a few days away, all Muslims in the world are preparing to welcome it with great joy. Maybe some of you have started beautifying your home with Ramadan decorations and knick-knacks, this is always a fun activity while making you more solemn in carrying out your worship during Ramadan.

Decorating a house with the theme of Ramadan may have become a common thing for Muslims to do ahead of Ramadan. Starting from decorating the living room, bedroom, family room, to the children’s room with great festivities. However, have you ever thought about bringing the feel of Ramadan to the outdoors? As a form of inner preparation for fasting until Eid al-Fitr, you can show it to everyone while enjoying it with family or friends.

Spending time outdoors is an activity that you can’t miss, especially after a long day of fasting, the night is the best time to feel the pleasures of Ramadan. Here we have put together some outdoor decorating ideas that will make your Ramadan even more beautiful and memorable!

1. The front porch is the first thing that people see when they want to visit the house. So, try to welcome anyone who comes with a Ramadan-themed terrace.


2. Enjoy the time of breaking the fast so it’s more fun outdoors. Place the dining table on the floor with a canopy that makes the atmosphere warm.


3. Ramadan lanterns are a great choice to enliven your outdoors. Put them in the garden or on the steps leading to the entrance.


4. Create a beautiful Ramadan night by hanging some Ramadan lighting ideas.


5. Enjoy a fun time together outdoors during Ramadan. You can take advantage of the outdoor corner as a comfortable lounge area.


6. Outdoors are the best areas to make a statement. The design of Ramadan neon lights is not only beautiful but also gives peace of mind to anyone who sees it.


7. Ramadan is the best time to bring everyone, whether family or friends. Try to invite the people closest to you to break their fast at home. Hold an outdoor party with a festive Ramadan theme.


8. Ramadan wreaths are a simple idea that you can do in just a few minutes. Hang or place a wreath in your entryway or outdoor window.


9. Want to create a romantic atmosphere during Ramadan? Transform your small balcony with a beautiful Ramadan decoration. Hanging lamps, decorative displays typical of Ramadan, to flower arrangements.


10. A small backyard is not an obstacle for you to create Ramadan outdoor decorations. Make your backyard warm and cozy with Ramadan vibes.



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