10 Cool And Modern Kitchen Mini Bar Ideas

The kitchen is often considered the heart of a home. This area is not only used for cooking and preparing food, but is also often a favorite place for the whole family to gather. There are many ways to beautify and make the kitchen feel comfortable, one of which is by making a mini bar. This can be a place for you to relax, enjoy a cup of drink, eat, or just chat between families. Luckily, now many designers often combine a mini bar with a kitchen which is very helpful in dealing with limited areas.

If you happen to have a small kitchen, and want to add an entertainment area, consider building a mini bar. This small area will make a big difference to your kitchen, so you can save even more budget. In addition, the mini bar is able to display a style that suits your personality. Here are some mini bar ideas that you will have a hard time resisting!

1. Dark wood mini bar


Having a small kitchen is not an obstacle to having a cool kitchen. You can make a modern mini bar that blends with the kitchen island. Combine elements of wood and a dark kitchen set, and add soft lighting and brick walls for an elegant look. This creates a more relaxed mini bar atmosphere.

2. Aesthetic mini bar like a holiday


Bringing a holiday atmosphere into the house is indeed the main attraction. Like this mini bar idea with an aesthetic look. Minimalist lines, wood nuances, and ethnic-style furniture will give your kitchen an alluring holiday impression.

3. Mini bar integrated to outdoor


The concept of indoor and outdoor is in great demand today. You can make a mini bar that is integrated into the outdoors. Here you can enjoy food and drinks while staying connected to your surroundings.

4. Farmhouse style mini bar


The design of this mini bar is timeless. Featuring a farmhouse style with a rustic touch that will always make you feel comfortable when you are at home. Choose vintage wood furniture in neutral colors, then add wall hangings to give the impression of a beautiful holiday.

5. Industrial style mini bar


The idea of a mini bar that carries an industrial style looks cool for men. This style will be suitable for bachelors or single men who like a masculine look. Use wooden furniture, industrial chandeliers, and exposed brick walls to give it a unique feel.

6. Nature-inspired mini bar


Natural elements always give freshness to any space, your kitchen is no exception. This mini bar design blends with a minimalist wooden kitchen that feels comfortable even though it is small. Add houseplants or indoor plants to give a calming natural feel.

7. Scandinavian style mini bar


Scandinavian-style interior is perfect for modern minimalist residences. Like this mini bar which is identical with wood and white accents as the base color. This combination of neutral colors and wood tones creates a warm and natural feel to your mini bar.

8. Mini bar that blends with the kitchen island


For a small room, you can combine a mini bar table that blends with the kitchen island. This idea will give you more space as a dining table. To distinguish each area, you can use two different colors.

9. Mini bar opens on kitchen window


Mini bar design in the kitchen window can unite the outdoor area. You can apply this concept to connect to an outdoor area such as a living room, outdoor dining area or swimming pool.

10. Wooden mini bar


Making a mini bar that is entirely wooden is a pretty unique idea. As we know, this material is a sturdy material with a refreshing natural appearance. You can choose all wooden furniture such as tables, chairs, floors, and walls to make it feel warm and cozy.


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