10 Favorite DIY Cardboard Toys That Kids Will Love

When it comes to making crafts that kids love, that means there will be more toys and fun things to do. Maybe all this time you have spent a lot just to buy toys, even in the end they just have to end up in the warehouse. Now there’s a better way to keep giving your little one toys without having to spend a dime. Try to think outside the box and then grab a cardboard box to turn into sharing the kids’ favorite crafts and toys.

This DIY project really won’t take up your time, mind and money. I’m sure you must have some cardboard boxes around your house. So, don’t throw them away just yet because with a little creativity you can make things that kids will love. You’ll just need a little paint, some large pieces of tape, washi tape, a glue stain, and about $0 if you use the stuff you already have.

From cardboard castles to cute cardboard cars, these DIY cardboard box crafts will keep kids entertained for hours and are super easy to put together. Let’s check!

1. I love this awesome idea! instead of building a simple castle, why not build a castle? This is a huge cardboard castle that will fulfill any kids imagination.


2. Every child will love this DIY cardboard car. In the form of an exciting adventure jeep and of course it can be driven.


3. Girls love to play with their little dolls. So, turn on his imagination by making a cardboard dollhouse. You just need some squares, paint, and colored tape.


4. Let’s play while learning. Teach the children to sell by making food trucks out of cardboard.


5. Space adventures await them. This is a project of a rocket plane that is ready to take your little one to take off through space.


6. Make your little one a star in their world. Make a cardboard TV where the kids can role-play. Develop their thinking power and creativity.


7. Teach children discipline from an early age. This washing machine cardboard toy will teach your little one how to keep yourself and your clothes clean.


8. Children are always happy to interfere when we are in the kitchen. Now you can build kitchen games out of cardboard which is safe for your little one.


9. Create a shadow pupper theater where children can develop their imagination. This does require some supplies because you need lighting to show the various characters that will be played.


10. This simple cardboard fort is no less fun for your little one to play. Decorate with string lights to make the castle look more attractive.



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