10 Functional Under Stair Shelf Design For Space Solutions

Many people often neglect the area under the stairs so that it becomes an unkempt space. In fact, the under stairs can be used as an extra room that is equipped with space-saving shelves so it won’t take up much space at home. If you can use it, the room under the stairs can even add to the interior design of your home more aesthetic.

Building a shelf under the stairs will make the interior look more organized. The reason is, this shelf can be a practical storage area as well as display various items and your collections so as not to create a mess at home. Some designs of shelves under the stairs are also designed to be functional so that they are hidden so they don’t spoil the eye.

Here, we have collected some ideas for under the stairs that you can try at home. Now scroll down and find the inspiration!

1. Bookshelf under the stairs


For those of you who like to read, it seems mandatory to have a bookshelf to store various collections of favorite books. Create a home library by utilizing the space under the stairs. Here, you can store more collections of books with a large space. The presence of a bookshelf under the stairs also makes the room look more beautiful.

2. Shelf under stairs with home office


Working from home requires a comfortable place away from distractions so you can always focus. You can turn the space under the stairs into a home office, which is also equipped with organized open shelves. This is a great solution for those of you who work from home or often carry your office work.

3. Shelf under stairs for houseplants


Create a fresh atmosphere into the room by placing lots of houseplants. If your collection of houseplants is too large and requires more storage space, try using a plant rack under the stairs. The idea of ??a plant shelf under the stairs will make the residence more cozy.

4. Walk in closet under the stairs


Wardrobe or walk in closet is always a problem when we want to build it. Sometimes you don’t need a large space to store your entire fashion collection, but a small room will not meet all your needs. So use the space under the stairs as a walk in closet. Besides being easy to access, the walk in closet under the stairs will also save space in the house.

5. Laundry room under stairs with storage shelves


The laundry room is no less important to support your daily activities. By having your own laundry room, you will save more on expenses. Creating a laundry room under the stairs can be a solution for those of you who live in a small house. Complete with storage shelves to accommodate all your needs.

6. Kitchen storage rack under the stair


If the area under your stairs is close to the kitchen, you can create extra storage space under the stairs. That way, your kitchen will be neater and you can store more utensils or kitchen ingredients there.

7. Shelf under stairs with gallery wall


Do you like minimalist interior design? Try to make a modern-style wall shelf under the stairs. In addition, create a gallery wall that blends with your interior concept.

8. Push-down shelf for hidden storage


The push-down stair rack will hide any clutter and make the room tidier. This shelf design is not only practical but also makes the interior feel minimalist. This rack has a large storage compartment so you can store items such as shoes, clothes, bags, and more.

9. Wine rack under the stairs


Wine connoisseurs should have this shelf design at the bottom of their stairs. The concept is similar to a kitchen with a modern style drink station. In addition, this rack is also equipped with a bar table where you can hold a small party at home.

10. Under-stair reading nook with storage shelf


Enjoy cozy reading time by creating a reading nook under the stairs. To make it easier, complete with seats and easily accessible storage shelves. You can also display your collectibles and favorites in this area.


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