10 Minimalist DIY Pegboard Ideas For Your Plants

In addition to beautifying your home with various decorations, bringing plants indoors also has many benefits. From creating a fresh atmosphere, improving air quality, to helping you stay focused in carrying out activities at home, plants have become an important part, especially in minimalist homes.

Minimalist interiors usually have a size that is not too big, and if you want to bring plants into the room then you need a creative way so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. I’m currently totally obsessed with pegboard. Dining pegboard is not only practical for limited space but also adds aesthetic value to the interior.

Combining pegboard with houseplants might not be my first choice, but I can’t ignore that pegboard is the best shelf for displaying plants. Pegboard panels are available at your local hardware or wood store, and are pre-cut in a variety of sizes so you can tailor your design to your desired design concept. Today I want to share some pegboard plant ideas that I fell in love with. Hope you enjoy it!

1. A pegboard wall is an easy and simple way to put your plant collection. The size is not too big, of course it saves more space.


2. Besides making a plant rack with a pegboard wall, you can hang plants on a pegboard wall. Impressed unique and more aesthetic.


3. Pegboard has a variety of attractive designs and colors, you can even use a pegboard wall as a decorative display.


4. Create your own pegboard plant wall with a little creativity. The easiest way is to paint the entire layer of board in your favorite color, then leave the shelves and pegs as they are.


5. For a minimalist interior style, you can display a pegboard wall with mini-sized plant pots.


6. If you have a house with a large size, you can place a large plant pegboard. It can be after the entrance or build it in the hallway.


7. Working from home helps focus and high concentration, and indoor plants will keep you in a productive mood. Decorate the walls of the home office with plant pegboard combined with rope as part of the décor.


8. Pegboard plant walls can also look cool by adding black paint.


9. This plant pegboard idea looks modern with a white color tone. Here you can use pegboard as a place to display plants.


10. Want to bring a natural atmosphere in the room? You can choose a pegboard plant wall with a wood color texture.



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