10 Stylish DIY Shoes Racks Integrated With Interiors

No matter what size shoe cabinet you have, you will always find a few pairs left outside, cluttering your room or entryway. I think placing a shoe rack, off-door storage, to a built-in approach is enough to tackle the clutter. And since everyone desires a clean and tidy home, storage solutions must not only be smart but also be integrated into the interior.

Any room will feel comfortable if you obscure the storage area as if it were part of the décor. Organizing and storing them in style will help spruce up your home, wherever you want to store all of your shoe collection. Most shoe racks or cabinets end up boring, and in order to minimize the amount of clutter you’re sure to run into, I’ve put together a clever shoe storage idea that will help you do just that. I believe, everyone has their own imagination, including the shoe rack!

1. Minimalist ladder


Take a minimalist wooden ladder and place it in the area you travel most often, it can be near the entrance or other room. Arrange the shoes you normally wear everyday. This stair rack design also looks beautiful in the corner of the room.

2. Shelves in line


Organizing your shoes in a line is an easy and practical way of storing ideas. You only need scraps of wood shelves, paint and wall tape. Suitable for narrow rooms.

3. Pallet shoe racks


Utilize unused items around the house into your favorite shoe rack. Arrange a pallet or wooden crate as an area to store your shoes. This shoe rack design will bring a vintage impression into the room.

4. Behind the curtain


If you like hiding any mess in the house. Adding curtains to a shoe rack on the wall is the best solution. This shoe rack will be part of your room and will not be exposed.

5. Modular shoe rack cabinet


An open shoe cabinet is a practical option that makes it easy for you to find whatever you need. Modular in shape with Scandinavian style, making your interior look more aesthetic.

6. Pegboard shoe racks


Pegboard is well known as a practical and functional storage unit. For shoe rack ideas, you can also use pegboard as a place to store shoes. Plus, placing it behind a door can save a lot of space.

7. Simple grid shoe racks


This idea is an easy one off our list for today. Just use a wire propped against the wall as a shoe rack. Complete with ornamental plants to beautify the room.

8. Combine with hanging clothes


Place a shoe rack under your clothes hanger. The combination of these two storage units, apart from being practical, also gives an elegant minimalist impression.

9. Grid Wall


A grid placed on the wall can be used as a shoe rack as well as storing various accessories. Decorate with string lights or soothing lighting.

10. Indoor plants


Maybe you’ve often seen shoe racks mounted on the wall. And if it looks boring then add a little touch of green like vines or ornamental plants. The combination of wooden shelves and indoor plants makes the atmosphere feel more beautiful and fresh.


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