15 Unique Ashtray Ideas That Will Make Your Smile

There’s something really cool about an ashtray that reflects true gentleman style. They come in so many styles, colors, and designs today. Some are even like a work of art too dear to be an ashtray.

I’m not a heavy smoker but I love to have them in the bathroom to hold my rings, in the doorway to toss my keys, and of course the study when I’m busy with work.

If you happen to like unique decorations like this, choosing an ashtray design is a must. They are really versatile and add edgy style to any space. In this post I have collected 15 ashtray ideas that will make you want to have one of them. Let’s see!

1. This cute ashtray reminds me of the Alice in Wonderland vibe. They would be perfect for an eclectic space style and look amazing next to a real deck of cards.


2. If you are an architect or interior designer, this ashtray in the form of a miniature interior seems to be a must-have for your collection.


3. It looks like a split light bulb but it is really an ashtray.


4. This ashtray is classic and catches my eye with bright lip colors. It will be a unique statement piece in any style of space.


5. This cool ashtray reminds me of a volcano. It is shaped like a volcanic landscape with cigarette smoke as its main ingredient.


6. A smoking warning can be useful, and having it written on an ashtray will make you think twice about deciding whether to quit.


7. This ashtray is made of ceramic material which looks luxurious in the room. Equipped with face carvings that make it even more attractive.


8. This ashtray is designed to resemble a factory with a chimney on top. Really makes anyone feel entertained.


9. This is not a fossil but a unique shoe mold shaped ashtray with concrete accents. It is perfect for those of you who like industrial design.


10. Gaming lovers find it hard not to have an ashtray inspired by this game stick.


11. This geometric ashtray will give a minimalist look to your space. In addition, they can also be used as pots for succulent plants.


12. Want your room to look aesthetically pleasing? This Japanese-style ashtray has a shape and color that symbolizes Zen, namely the elements of wood, earth, and stone.


13. It’s not just a pack of cigarettes! If you pay attention, this is an ashtray in the shape of a cigarette pack according to its original size.


14. Even though it looks simple, this ashtray is made of cast iron with a jet black color. Apart from being durable, cast iron ashtrays are also in accordance with the modern men’s style.


15. Consists of a pile of logs. If separated, it consists of several ashtrays inspired by the vibrations of nature.




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