20 Fantastic Floating Bed Design That Make Cozy


Bedroom is not just a place to rest. This most private room can also be a place to relax and a relaxation area that you may not get in other rooms in the house. In addition to bedroom decoration that suits your personality, choosing furniture such as a bed is no less important to get quality rest time.

Floating bed design is one of the best ideas that offers the sensation of floating in the air, this bed frame will give a beautiful new dimension to your room. Modern, elegant, sophisticated, and adds aesthetics to allow your rest to be more comfortable. Transform your bed using a raised, leveled, horizontal frame with a wooden platform meant to support the mattress.

Floating beds are truly unique, practical, and come in a variety of timeless designs that will easily enhance the look of your bedroom. If you happen to be looking for a minimalist style bed that looks fantastic at the same time, a floating bed is the best choice you can emulate. Here are some floating bed inspirations and how to apply them to your style. Scroll down and find your favorite!


What is a floating bed?

Before you decide to bring this bed style into your décor, it’s good to know first what is a floating bed? Floating bed frames both use wood or metal materials whose supports are not easily visible, thus giving the illusion as if the bed is floating. This bed has a base made of slats or a flat surface designed to accommodate most standard mattress sizes. If a regular bed uses springs, then a floating bed uses slats or a flat surface that provides a solid foundation for the mattress thereby lowering the cost of the bed frame design.






Floating bed decoration

There are many ways to decorate a floating bed to match the style and concept of your room. Because this bed has a variety of modular designs with removable panels. They can easily accommodate mattresses of different sizes to suit any need. Its minimalist design allows this bed to be easily changed to suit the decor and interior setting. You can also add a variety of accessories such as LED lights underneath, removable headrests, nightstands, and storage cabinets that can dramatically add a cool and comfortable atmosphere. In addition, this extra space under the bed frame can provide extra storage space for keeping things out of sight.(











Difference between floating bed and platform bed

As you know, a floating bed is a low-profile bed with a solid or slatted wood platform and sturdy legs that are hidden from direct view to give the illusion that your bed is floating. Meanwhile, a platform bed is a classic and simple style bed design that is low-rise with wooden slats, iron or metal lattice, or a solid base and legs that look ordinary. Platform beds can also include specially designed drawers for extra storage, hidden under the bed. So, there isn’t much difference between a floating bed and a platform bed. However, if you want the atmosphere and appearance of the bed to be unusual, then the floating bed is worth considering.





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