20 Fun DIY Catio Ideas In The Backyard


We humans are not the only ones who enjoy being outside in an open environment. Your cat will also need a play area or catio to enjoy spending time in our garden or backyard. Catio is the perfect solution to let your cat enjoy the fresh air and sunshine without worrying or getting hurt.

Catio can also separate areas if you happen to also have a dog to avoid problems and conflicts. This is a relatively easy DIY project to do and you can pamper your cats by giving them a decent play area.

No matter how big or small your backyard is, you can customize it according to your needs. To make catio even more fun, you can also add tree branches, cat paws, beds, cat grass, and a special play area that is safe for pets. Here we’ve rounded up catio ideas that will make your backyard your furry friend’s favorite area. Get inspired!


Think About the Right Design Concept

If you are a cat lover, of course, you have more than one cat at home. To be able to accommodate all their activities, it is better to use a larger structure so that there is plenty of room to play. Also consider knowing the character of each of your cats so that there is no competition between siblings. It’s a good idea to really know all the elements of their personality, from playfulness to curiosity and love a safe and secure place to hide when they want some free time or a nap. That way, you can create the most appropriate catio concept and design so that the cat feels happy and cozy.









DIY Catios For Backyard

Take advantage of an outdoor area such as a garden or backyard that is large enough to accommodate all your cats. Outdoor catio can be created on the terrace, deck, garden, or even connected to the family lounging area. Make sure the outdoor play area really blends in with the surrounding environment, you can do this with green grass, potted plants, or even green plants that create a natural feel.

As we know, cats are one of the animals that often spend their time sleeping. So, placing lots of tiered beds and even putting some human furniture in to let them sleep on them will make them feel comfortable.

If you have a lot of cats, build some towers and cat trees so the cats don’t get bored. Toilets, drinking water would be a good idea if you want to leave your cat there for some time. Don’t forget, a roof or shelter is a must to protect them from heat and rain.











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