21 Cool And Minimalist Rooftop Canopy Design


For those who live in apartments or urban areas, the rooftop is a favorite place to spend time outdoors. In addition to the balcony, the rooftop is the area that is most often used as a living room, kitchen, to lounge area to relax. However, does the rooftop design always have to be open? Or is this area not possible for shelter? Now, you can maximize the rooftop area by adding a canopy that will protect you from the sun or rain.

Enjoying time with family and friends will be more fun with the right rooftop canopy idea. So, what kind of rooftop canopy design can you apply to your home? So that you don’t feel confused, here are some inspirations for realizing a small paradise by maximizing the rooftop area. Please scroll down and find your favorite canopy idea!

Minimalist Iron Canopy

This rooftop canopy idea is one of the most popular. Made of iron structure, so it can be used for any rooftop style. For a minimalist look, you can add a neutral canopy paint such as black or white. Ideally, this iron canopy design looks more elegant if it is only used on half of the area of the rooftop that you have.


Fiber Canopy

If you want to make the rooftop area brighter and less glare, then you can use a fiber roof canopy that is attached to an iron structure to make it more sturdy. Fiber material on the rooftop canopy has many advantages, such as the many variants of models and colors that you can choose, anti-rust, leak-proof, anti-noise, and of course it has a light weight so it is safer and makes the installation process easier.


Open Canopy

As the name suggests, the open canopy design does not have a roof or is left open. This canopy idea is perfect for warm days or summer, so you can be closer to your surroundings. Even though it’s just a decoration or to beautify the rooftop area, this canopy design can also be a green paradise by placing various types of plants.


Iron And Wood Canopy

The combination of a canopy made of iron and wood material has a more elegant design. Having a beautiful appearance, of course, this rooftop canopy design is ready to give a luxurious feel outside. You can also add a dining table set, coffee table, or several sofas with a minimalist model in this area so that it can be maximized for the family area.


Wooden Canopy or Pergola

A wooden canopy or so-called pergola is one of the most popular rooftop canopy designs. Both carry a minimalist design, but the use of wood gives the impression of luxury in the rooftop area that you have. Add a dining table, sofa, or use this area as a place to relax and celebrate with the people you care about.

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