23 Stylish And Functional Bathrooms With Laundry Space


Living in an apartment, boarding room, or tiny house, you have to be smart about dealing with limited space. We recommend making your room more flexible with the ability to function as a multipurpose. One room that deserves attention is the laundry room. Even though it’s not the main room in the house, a laundry room is still needed when you want to wash clothes that will be used daily. Then, what room is the most suitable to be combined with the laundry room? Today I want to add a bathroom that works really well with the laundry room. Both of these rooms need water to function, and I think nowadays there are many laundry equipment such as washers and dryers which are made more compact to save space.

You don’t have to change an entire bathroom just to include a laundry room, even if the space you have is small won’t have a negative impact on functionality or capacity. But how do you fit a shower, toilet, washer, dryer, sink and enough storage into a small space? With some planning and creativity you can easily renovate your bathroom as well as a laundry room which saves space without breaking the bank. Keep on following our search!


Hidden Laundry Space

Hiding the laundry room is the most effective way to avoid clutter. Hide your washer and dryer behind closed doors or cupboards. In the planning, the bathroom is the main focus of these two spaces, with the laundry room hidden behind a hidden door. You can arrange the bathroom at the very front or vice versa according to your wishes, and make sure it works the way you need it. Depending on the room you have, you can decide to hide the laundry room behind well-designed pockets, hinges, sliding doors, or double doors. This helps ensure that the bathroom has a clean and tidy appearance. As another idea, consider stacking the washer and dryer to save more space.


Open Laundry and Bathroom Combo

Create an open laundry room by placing it in a bathroom alcove. In this arrangement, the laundry room is not hidden but rather becomes part of the overall existing decor. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, you can also place a small table next to your laundry equipment, and use a special storage area to store the laundry underneath. If you have a limited bathroom, consider an all-in-one washer and dryer, which will give you more space for storage tasks and laundry work.


Use space partitions

Dividing space with partitions is the easiest way to differentiate each space’s function. Using a dividing wall, sliding door, glass door or wall is a smart solution to separate two zones in one room. Choose a room where you have to dedicate a larger percentage of the room to the bathroom or laundry according to your needs. Partition walls are another way to hide laundry equipment from the rest of the bathroom and clearly separate the laundry workspace. Before you decide where to build partitions, make sure you have easy access to each room, both the bathroom and laundry room.




















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