8 Ideas To Creative Store Bike In Your Home


The hobby of cycling is not only good for your health, but also improves your mood that has a positive impact on your life. For cyclists having more than one bike may be a common thing, however, storing bikes can be a challenge in itself, especially if you want to store it at home. For those who have a garage or a large house, it may not be a problem, but it is different for bicycles with small houses who often have difficulty when dealing with storage.

The reason is, in addition to bikes, it takes up quite a lot of space if you don’t have a garage and a hobby of collecting bicycles, of course, requires not a little space. With a little creativity, it turns out that there are many ways that can be done as a bike storage solution. Starting from wall shelves to under stairs, you can take advantage of various corners of the room at home. Here are some tips on storing your bike to make it look more attractive.

1. Hang your bike like a work of art

Besides being practical, the shape of the bike is also very beautiful as a work of art. Use a hook that can allow you to attach it to the wall of the room. However, keep in mind that the bike must be easily accessible and also be admired by all who see it.


2. Placing it on the high ceiling

If your room has a high ceiling shape, placing it on top is the best idea. In addition to avoiding clutter, hanging your bike from the ceiling won’t take up much space. Use sturdy hooks, ropes and racks to prevent the bike from falling.



3. Bike storage hidden behind the door

For some people who like a minimalist design, displaying a bicycle may be a problem in itself. The solution, you can hide the bike behind the door. It doesn’t need to be a huge area but make sure it’s enough to store the bike and some other stuff. Use wooden sliding doors to make it look more beautiful.



4. Storing bikes on the stairs

The staircase area either below or at the top is an empty area that is often neglected. In fact, you can use this area as a stylish bike storage area. Hanging or attaching a bicycle on a stairs can be a brilliant idea in making use of limited space.



5. Bikes rack that integrates with furniture

Some furniture looks more beautiful with a bicycle storage area. For limited space, you can use this practical way while making the interior more aesthetic. Combine certain furniture such as a table or cabinet with a bicycle rack on it.



6. Make the most of the limited space

The smallest corner in the house can also be converted into a cool bicycle storage area. Take advantage of a small wall corner such as a balcony or terrace to display bikes. Besides looking modern, this storage idea will maximize the use of space at home.



7. Place the bike on a cabinet or bookshelf

Make sure your cabinet or bookshelf is sufficient to support the weight of the bike. Even though it looks like it’s on top of a cabinet, the bike still needs to be secured to the wall using a bracket to hold it in place. Protective mats can be added to protect the surface from dust and scratches.


8. Easily accessible with handy curtains

Bikes that are used frequently make storage areas need to be easily accessible, and also ready for any weather conditions. By using protective mats and fabrics of the right size, you can create a storage area that is easy to reach and hidden with curtains that look stylish.




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