8 Trendy Ways To Bring Scandinavian Style In The 0utdoor

Relaxing outside on a warm day is everyone’s dream, and here I can feel the sun’s rays slowly fading away. This season I can say is very special, we can get together with anyone without restrictions so that means more opportunities to meet friends and family. Even though summer is just around the corner, there’s no reason we can’t display it in style and comfort.

In this post I want to bring Scandinavian style to the outdoors. It’s a trendy way to make your outdoor feel really comfortable. Since I’m one of those people who don’t like complicated things or decorations, then I can say that the Scandinavian style with simple cuts, wood elements and nature inspired is the best choice. Here are eight eye-catching Scandinavian outdoor style ideas!

1. Togetherness in the dining area


The best thing about hanging out with friends and family is being able to enjoy time more intimately. Create a simple dining area with more wood elements as part of the décor. This Scandinavian-style dining room will make anyone feel comfortable outside. In addition to furniture and wood elements, you can also add a touch of green to the hedge.

2. Attractive lighting


There’s no point in socializing outside if we can’t see who we’re talking to, and outdoor lighting provides a soothing warm glow. Bring a Scandinavian romantic atmosphere outside your space, brighten up your relaxing area, patio or garden with the right lighting ideas. String lights may be the best option right now, but you can also add lanterns that evoke the atmosphere.

3. Cozy terrace with vintage feel


The front or back terrace can be converted into a comfort zone for you and your family. Combine natural accents such as wood and green plants with an elegant vintage touch. Wooden floor decks are the best solution, while antique pieces of furniture will make the atmosphere feel warmer and more comfortable. This decoration is ready to take you to the good old days.

4. Add privacy with outdoor curtains


Make yourself cozy by adding the right room dividers. Separate private zones using adjustable outdoor walls, fences or curtains. You can bring Scandinavian style to various needs such as living room, quiet reading area, and many more. Retractable blinds are a practical way to give you privacy while still getting a view of the garden.

5. Warm wood material


Don’t be afraid to bring more natural elements into Scandinavian outdoor spaces. In addition to more greenery, wood plays an important role in bringing a warm impression to the room. Choose a wooden table or chair, and try to combine it with other elements such as rattan or concrete. The more natural the feel, the more relaxed it feels.

6. Bring comfort


Many people often overlook that comfort is the main thing for the outdoors. Because garden furniture must be weather resistant, you can add a pergola or wooden roof as a weather barrier. Make sure you also invest in outdoor furniture, cushions for outdoor chairs and sofas. Another idea, you can make it more comfortable with a daybed or a Nordic-style hammock.

7. Small space with organized storage


You don’t have to have a huge space for Scandinavian style. Small spaces outside the room can also be utilized optimally with the right furniture selection and arrangement. Place mini-sized chairs and tables, while the storage area will make it easier for you to place anything there. From wall shelves to DIY bar carts, organized storage makes it easy to move around.

8. Cozy garden bench


Creating a cozy social area where everyone can gather is the best idea. But what if you just want to be alone? Whether it’s just relaxing, gathering thoughts, or looking for ideas for your work. It’s always a good idea to treat your outdoor space like indoor living space. There are so many great park benches out there, from modern to more traditional.


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