Casa AM With Beautiful Scenery By Lucas Maino Fernandez


Casa AM is a holiday retreat situated almost atop a hill on the north shore of Lake Rupanco with views of the volcanoes of Puntiagudo and Osorno, Chile. Designed in 2021 by Lucas Maino Fernandez. This strategic location establishes it as a forced foothold that the project’s orientation faces south, as well as a challenge in terms of sunlight. The solution, the designers incorporated a continuous skylight on the north side of the project, which is responsible for providing natural light to the interior of the house to illuminate the main corridor and the shared living and dining area.

The concept of the building is quite simple, consisting of five bedrooms and five bathrooms, a kitchen, living room and dining room. All of these sections of space are united in one volume with slight pauses that guide and mark the difference between the public and private spaces distributed through the central corridor. In addition, this house is also equipped with outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces which include a terrace, barbecue area and parking area.


From the outside, Casa AM looks ordinary, but when you are inside, it presents a game of sky where each room has a different height and shape than the exterior that surrounds it to give it a different character and impression. Each space has its own distinct personality, for example in the case of the bedroom, the interior ceilings are gable and lower giving the space a more comfortable feel. The living and dining areas merge into a great space with exposed beams and a concrete fireplace, while the kitchen converts the ceiling to flat ceiling.













photos: Tandai Zeger

source: Lucas Maino Fernandez


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