Mudita Harmony: Cozy Relaxing Clock And Meditations


Not everyone can get up early, especially if you often bring work late at night. I’m sure many of us here, including all those of childbearing age, want to get up early, but if we choose the wrong alarm, it will make it difficult for us to wake up or even wake up angry. So, you may need an alarm clock with a more natural wake-up call, something in tune with the body’s circadian rhythm that you can get from Mudita Harmony.

Introducing the Mudita Harmony, this is an alarm clock as well as your sleep companion that will help you build healthy sleeping habits, improve sleep quality, and give you a sense of calm. While most of us scroll through social media apps before going to bed and you won’t be able to stop all notifications even after you turn off your phone. This winning alarm clock will replace all scrolling screens so you can rest according to your natural sleep time.

Are you ready for a healthier life? Let’s get your phone out of the bedroom and wake up to a very carefully crafted sound without unnecessary distractions and information overload.


Minimalist design in analog style

This alarm clock features a minimalist contemporary set with an analog feel that brings peace to the bedroom. Mudita harmony is made as easy and friendly as possible for every user, with a paper-like look. This device is made to only include features that will help clean your sleep and eliminate unnecessary features.


Easy on the eyes E ink screen

This clock uses an E ink display because it doesn’t cause eye strain or fatigue and has a natural, paper-like, and analog feel. It features a modern 2.84″ E Ink display, with 480×600 resolution, PP1 270, and 16-bit grayscale support, making the clock screen easy to read in normal light.


Headlights with minimalistic blue light

This alarm clock has a special headlight that has 2700 K on the Kelvin color temperature scale. If you want to check the time in the middle of the night there will be less disruption to your sleep cycle. Light temperatures above 4000 K are defined as blue light and for most smartphones, the temperature ranges from 6000 K to 10000 K.


Background sound for relaxation

Create your offline bedtime routine with relaxing music, nature and ambient sounds. You can use this sound composition to relax or simply as a background accent to fall asleep. We also added white noise sounds to help parents put their kids to sleep or just for anyone who likes to fall asleep to a humming sound.


Wake up with calming harmonies and melodies

Like the Mudita Pure, this alarm clock also uses acoustically recorded sounds and melodies by Canadian musician Nick Lewis. He uses various instruments including guitar, ukulele, Tibetan bowl, koshi bell. The designer has also added a pleasant melody designed for a peaceful wake.


Equipped with storage space for your own music

Mudita harmony comes with 4GB of storage space, so you can add your own voice, favorite music, songs from your favorite band, audiobooks, or bedtime stories for your kids.


Calming meditation timer

This is another simple but useful feature for meditation enthusiasts. You can choose the desired duration of the meditation session, the number of intervals, which will then start and end with a deep gong sound.


designer: Mudita


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