Shakujii F-HOUSE: Residential Design That Full Of Love


Sometimes we forget the importance of togetherness that must exist in every dwelling, and Kitakono Architecture wants to present a housing design that truly brings every family closer together. This house is owned by a couple who live in Shakujii, Nerima-ku. Architects wanted to bring more love into the interior design by adding lots of intimate details.

Its composition centers around the kitchen where being a nutritionist’s wife used to take a long time. Not only that, the loft is made as a favorite place to spend time near the family kitchen. The goal is that couples can share the same space and time freely.

Most of the interior is made of warm oak. By uniting the same type of tree from the floor, walls and furniture. Everything is made using various painting and processing methods, into a space filled with wood to display various expressions while having a sense of unity.


Architects wanted to build a home where you could grow a married couple while living by installing hobby items as well as ways to display them. This is housing for a young couple who just got married and want their days filled with love.

The couple will call this house, which many friends have worked with in the planning and construction process as a “friend house”, and will warmly welcome many friends. Here’s the inspiration!







architect: Kitokino Architecture

photography: Tatsuya Arai


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