The Olive Houses By Mar + Ask Architects


There are times when we as humans want to be closer to nature, not to dominate but to connect with it and be a part of its history. To find this peace, you’ll need to get off the beaten track and hike in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, away from the mass tourism that is characteristic of other Mallorquin islands in the Balearic Islands. It is on this secluded mountain fortress overlooking the Mediterranean that two architects Mar + Ask built the olive house and renovated other houses.

True to its name, the olive house stands among thousands of years old olive trees and large rock formations. Scattered around the house, boulders appear to have been placed there by some mythological giant, perhaps only the stone terrace walls and the gentle pruning of olive trees are the only signs of human intervention in the beautiful Mallorquin landscape example.

According to Mar + Ask, in this project no site is changed, dictating what to do. The olive house is built around a giant stone which is no doubt the main character as well as the hallmark of this house. Beside it, an open shower is installed which is generated from rainwater collected and filtered on the roof and is naturally illuminated by skylights. The bedroom is downstairs with views of the valley on the opposite wall and the fireplace in between provides warmth and keeps the space dry. These are the elements needed for a comfortable sleep and feel as close to nature as possible.


In the back area, there is a kitchen and washroom built in a tool shed a few meters from the purple house. To get to the new dutch entrance, you have to walk through several large rock formations that force you to twist and turn before you can enter. Because the room was cramped and small, the kitchen was built into a gap in the thick stone wall and closed with a frameless window on the outside.

Both constructions are crafted in a stucco-like material in pink and purple accents, complementing the two green accents found on either side of the olive leaf, one matte one glossy. The entire house is powered by solar panels and the water comes from a spring on the plot.













architect: mar plus ask


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