Workstation Cabins That Only Limited By Your Imagination


This is one of the most multifunctional cabins designed by architectural firm Hello Wood. A cab that supports everything you need like work, play and sleep in a compact cab.

Workstation cabins are internationally acclaimed and become more than just a workplace. From WorkStation, GameStation, to GlampStation is a series of unique cabins with optional functions limited only by your imagination.

Here are some inspirational workstation cabins that you must have at home!



First built in the back garden of a modern villa in Budapest. This cabin is designed to be a fun playroom for kids, featuring a mattress floor, as well as built-in shelves that make room for toys and a TV. GameStation will accommodate all the needs of both parents and children in a practical and easy way.


Workstation cabins have several advantages that are sure to become a favorite for every family. Find what you need below!

Versatile pods

The cabin is soundproofed and weatherproof making it perfect as a meeting room, kids playroom, mini hotel room, studio, or a hideaway when you want to get away from all the activities. This is a cozy area to relax, read a book, or enjoy a cup of coffee in the afternoon.


Can be built as desired

This cabin has an area of 8 square meters so it doesn’t take up much space in your space. This allows workstation cabins to be built and installed in any area such as a park or backyard, lakeside, or even on top of an office building.


Interiors that provide privacy

The cabin adapts easily to changing seasons and any climate. You can enjoy the comfort of a private room during the winter and stay cool in the summer thanks to the air conditioning that is hidden in the built-in bench.

Back to nature

Workstation cabins will bring you closer to nature. There are large windows that let the sunlight in naturally, and at night they feature a starry ceiling. The comfortable interior makes you feel like you are in a cocoon.



Having an area of 8 square meters, the cabin is still enough to accommodate up to six people comfortably. The WorkStation can be a private meeting space next to an office building or a cool home office space in your garden. Any work will feel easier and more enjoyable because it is equipped with cooling and heating air conditioning, electrical outlets, and also an internet connection.



For those of you who never have time for a vacation, this cabin can also be a GlampStation which is no less fun. Despite its small size, you can still get a glamping experience that fits in a small pod. Like this first cabin GlampStation built in Tokaj Region, Hungary. It features a comfortable expandable bed, built-in sofa and bench, storage area, small table and mini fridge.


designer: Hello Wood


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