10 Easy DIY Cats Projects For Your Home

For animal lovers, especially cats, of course, you already know that this furry friend likes to spend his time napping. It doesn’t matter where you make your cat house or place, they can always be found under the table, sofa, or in any part of the room they want. So, it’s pretty clear that the cat is taking over the whole house. However, are you just going to let them roam or even sleep where they shouldn’t? I have to admit that cats made me understand that they are part of our family too which prompted me to make some DIY projects for cats.

I think you’ll also have fun making adorable cat-friendly DIY projects. It doesn’t have to be expensive or to buy fancy cat furniture, if you can do it from simple materials then I’m sure this project will show you lots of love. In the following I have collected 10 DIY cat projects that can be applied to your home. Let’s check!

1. A cat house with a cozy tent


Create the best cat house to keep your furry friend comfortable all day long. It has the shape of a tent with a variety of cat accessories that are easy to access. You can hang cat toys inside or add a scratchpad on the outside of the tent.

2. Scratchpad as well as a cool wall decoration


Sharpening claws is the cat’s favorite habit. If you don’t want your furniture to be damaged or scratched, maybe you need to make a scratchpad in part of the house. A clever DIY scratchboard not only makes your cat happy, but also makes a cool wall decoration.

3. Hammock under the table


Apart from the adorable nature of cats, they are lazy animals. So don’t be surprised when you find them sleeping anywhere in the house. This hammock is sure to be a cat favorite for napping, and if you don’t have much space to build one, just make use of the bottom of the table.

4. Indoor cat tree


An indoor cat tree will make your furry friend feel like you are outside. This is a fun cat playground especially if you have more than one cat. In order not to spoil the interior, place a cat tree on the wall and then decorate it with natural nuanced wallpaper.

5. Ledge wall playground


Sometimes we don’t have extra room to make a cat playground. So, using walls is the best way you can do it at home. Create a safe cat playground with an easily accessible wall ledge, or mix it with a decorative display that becomes part of your interior.

6. Cat window perch


Cats really like sleeping in the sun or in places that are connected to the outdoors. If you frequently find your cat sleeping by the window, maybe that’s a cue you should make a DIY cat window perch. As well as being a cozy day bed, when not in use it can act as a window covering.

7. DIY scratch assistant


Maybe you aren’t always around cats when they need a pet or just want you to scratch their fur. The solution, you can make a cat scratcher that is easy to install. Simply attach the bristle brush to your dining area, door or furniture at the proper height from the floor.

8. Cat herb garden


In addition to cat food that is readily available in stores, cats also need beneficial herbal fibers. Fill a ceramic pot, basin, or other container with cat-friendly herbs like catnip to relieve stress, mint for digestive issues, and rosemary to ward off fleas.

9. Boho-style cat air basket

Every cat is sure to love this air basket with a unique boho style. The key is to make sure your basket is very sturdy so that it can be hung wherever you want it. Provide a boho decoration that will captivate the cat when they are bored, ideally a basket made of a metal frame and using the appropriate anchors.

10. A cardboard camper house


When you want a cat house that is unique and looks luxurious, there’s a good chance you need a bigger space. Make a cardboard cat house to serve as both a hiding place and a play space. Inspired by adorable campers, these make great decorations in the home.


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